Do The Black Keys and Vinyl Records Signal the Renaissance of the Golden Age of Rock and Roll Music?

The fact that the Black Keys won three Grammys makes me so happy, because I love them to death. I really love the fact that they aren’t really young, teenyboppers; they are true musicians complete with sexy beards and tired sunken eyes.

I listen to a lot of old classic rock and blues and when I listen to The Black Keys I get the distinct feeling that a renaissance has occurred while we weren’t looking. I have spent my whole life angry at the way music has been ruined, ‘rock and roll is dead man!’, but The Black Keys give me some sort of hope. A couple of days after they won those Grammy’s I was reading an article in the paper about young people starting to buy vinyl records again, and my first response was a sarcastic yeah that hasn’t been going on for like years now or anything, good job catching that bit of breaking news.

But then I started thinking about why it was happening, and then the popularity of The Black keys and bands like them, which use old style riffs and classic blues elements, came into my mind, and I thought that surely all this nostalgia tells us something about the age we are living in. This is a moment in history where some people have finally realized that most of the things being produced are purely moneymaking exercises developed with formulas that are known to result in mass popularity. I have thought this my entire life, I have always lived with a sense of nostalgic desire for the golden age of rock and roll and the times before mass production and excessive consuming. THEN in the past couple of years the whole ‘hipster/indie’ thing happened and those views (which used to just be me thinking whatever I wanted to think) suddenly didn’t sound so crazy. The point is that liking and thinking alternative things suddenly stopped being weird and started being cool.

I have always wanted to start a movement in the music industry, which brought back classic rock, the golden age, unfortunately due to my lack of musical ability this hasn’t happened. But just looking at these Black keys posters alone, I think they may have already started the renaissance without me.

I still feel that maybe we are heading to a new age when we stop buying from the corporate giants and we stop listening to mass marketed, super produced boy bands and start looking for artistry and integrity. And although I know that One Direction is still the most popular thing on the planet and not everyone will change, I still think at least a far greater majority of us will and maybe that can lead to amazing developments in the world away from the evil corporate giants that have been controlling us since the 1980’s.

Now the problem with this, many people say, is that it makes it harder for people to be individual when the people that follow trends start coming into the indie trend and that they are ruining it for the real people. I think this is such crap, just do what you want to do and be whoever, we have far to much of a preoccupation with be ‘individual’ in our society that it has become an actual TREND. The funny part of it is that the fact that even indies cant be individual should be telling us that WE AREN’T INDIVIDUALS we are part of a world, a universe and a global community and we need to stop being angry at others for stealing our ‘individualness’ (not a word but whatever) and just fucking be.