Multimedia And The Internet On The HTC Desire HD

When we talk about one of the most capable cellphone technologies offered, we often think of the desires made by HTC. Now, this cellphone is ready to wear a coat. Now there are new phones that have features and capabilities that are better in terms of multimedia and internet. This is the new HTC Desire HD.

Display Capability

When it comes to display capabilities, this touch screen phone has everything you always dreamed of. Not only does it come with a 4.3 inch wide screen. It comes with a resolution of 480 x 800 WVGA pixels. This will make your HD viewing experience more valuable.

Sound around

Your high definition viewing experience will never be complete without digital surround sound. This is what you get with this cellphone. Be prepared to enjoy high-quality audio with your tracks, saved videos, recorded videos, and streaming videos. This will enhance your listening experience.


In the past, we needed to bring separate digital cameras to get better quality images. Cameras that are integrated in past cellphones are not enough. With HTC Desire HD, you get a camera that will do the job. You get nothing but high-quality images taken with an 8MP digital camera.

On the Larger Screen

With past cellphones, it’s impossible to enjoy your multimedia on a larger screen. With this touch screen phone, this won’t be a problem. You can easily connect this phone to your home entertainment system via a DLNA connection. In this way, you can enjoy multimedia on a larger screen.

Read Anywhere

There are so many people who can’t get enough books. If you forget to bring your favorite book, you don’t need to worry. The Desire HD has a classic library integrated. You can enjoy these books from the comfort of this mobile. In addition, you can easily download new e-books online.

Flash integration

Flash applications are now an integral part of all internet experience. With this sophisticated mobile phone, you can easily install flash. This means that this phone is capable of streaming, browsing, and much more like a browser on a laptop and desktop.

All Your Inboxes Become One

Are you among those who have various email accounts? If this is the case, you should feel like wasting time entering and leaving various accounts. With this touch screen phone, say goodbye to this problem. You can enjoy all your inboxes into one convenient inbox.