Portable Gadgets And Wireless Technology Are A Powerful Combination

Wireless technology makes it so that various types of gadgets can be seamlessly integrated into networks in homes and offices, but one use for wireless networks that do not get much attention is the ability to build a network of devices in the human body. . This is not cybernetics like the Borg on Star Trek or bionics from old TV shows, even though the effects are similar. This is a device worn on the body and not implanted in it. The effects of these devices are similar to the science fiction ideas of cybernetic implants in the sense that they are designed to provide users with greater connectivity and or entertainment while providing hands-free (or almost hands-free) operations.

Of course, devices that do this do not have to be wireless, as with the example of MP3 players and other music sources that can be carried on the body and listened to through headphones. MP3 players – and of course their cassette and CD-based pioneers, along with their multimedia descendants – are able to provide audio sound tracks to follow whatever their users are doing wherever they go. The digital music player is very clever at this because even smaller models can store and play hundreds of songs and have playback times that can last from 12 to 24 hours with a fully charged battery. The result is a sound track that can be heard for hours or even days – without recharging or hearing the same song twice!

Of course some of the more sophisticated portable media devices also come with the ability to play videos on their color LCD screens. When this ability is combined with a pair of video goggles that are becoming increasingly common on the market, active people can watch TV and movies while walking, running, or even cycling if they are brave enough (or stupid).

While the capabilities of each device can be impressive, things become very interesting when multitasking and wireless technology capabilities are thrown into the mix. One of the main types of wireless technology that you will find on many devices is Blue Tooth wireless technology. Blue Tooth wireless technology allows devices that can communicate with each other without using cables in between. A good example of this is the ability to use a cut phone to your belt by talking and listening through parts of the ear that are physically not connected to the telephone. This earpiece is often inserted into other accessories such as sunglasses. A compact electronic device from the device attached to the eyeglass and audio temple is inserted into the ear by small ear buds. Some of these devices are voice activated and others allow you to do things like answering phone calls just by touching a button on the ear rather than the phone itself. Cellphones with built-in digital audio players are great for this kind of technology because they allow users to listen to music and then pause music while receiving phone calls through the same headphones.