The Nokia E7 Provides Comprehensive Functionality In Terms Of Multimedia And Productivity

E7 is one of Nokia’s latest handsets, and is ideally placed in an increasingly competitive smartphone market, to offer something different. Whether you are a busy professional who needs productivity tools to get work done while traveling, or multimedia enthusiasts who need a cell phone with a lot of internal storage and comprehensive multimedia compatibility, E7 makes a good choice.

Nokia E7 is a versatile handset, not only because of the sophisticated Symbian ^ 3 operating system, but also a touch screen combo sport and keypad sliding out. Therefore the same at home is used as a web browser, or to quickly send SMS and e-mail messages.

E7 is one manufacturer that has a more aesthetic unit. The display was originally similar to the newly released Nokia N8. However, after closer inspection you will see a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. It is ergonomically designed for comfortable use and provides an excellent choice for those who prefer a physical keyboard rather than a touch screen. Speaking of touch screens, the size is 4 inches, and combines AMOLED technology.

Vibration and ringing are used in Nokia E7 to remind users of incoming calls and messages and other warnings such as social networking notifications. As an added bonus, the ability to assign MP3 and WAV files as ringtones is also included.

To save your files, be it music tracks, video clips, documents or downloaded applications, this handset is equipped with generous 16GB internal storage. By entering this storage level as standard, Nokia has pretty much eliminated the need for a microSD slot. With 16 GB you want, you can save all music tracks, MS Office documents, or other files you want, right in your pocket.

Nokia E7 presents a number of connectivity features to stay connected to the optimal level when traveling. To start, GPRS and EDGE are both provided in the 32 class version. If you need to surf the web on the go, the E7 makes you HSDPA protected in areas with 3G coverage, and Wi-Fi offers faster connections every time you have access to a local wireless network.

One of the more prominent hardware features of the Nokia E7 is the incredible 8 megapixel camera. It operates at high pixel resolution, which means that the resulting image has fantastic quality. As if this is not enough, the camera can also record HD video in 720p quality. Comes with fixed focus, dual LED flash and face detection for high-level photography. Geographical tags are other features included, which operate thanks to GPS, and automatically track where you use the camera.

A long list of productivity features and additional entertainment are all included as standard. The choice of bright color variants adds aesthetic appeal, and increases the potential of this versatile fan base.